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Rastapasta (Spectra version)(1986-2023)

for fl,bass clar,vib,pno,vln,vla,vcl (4')

Dedicated to Spectra

Après tout ceci (2010-23)

An excerpt of the chamber opera 'Middle East'

for mez sop, fl, clar, vib, pno, vln, vla, vlc 4'

Lyrics (in French) by Philippe Blasband

Dedicated to Spectra Ensemble

Ontbreekwoorden (2023)

for speaker, fl (ad lib same person),mar, pno,db. (± 23')

Commissioned by Les nièces de Diderot

Dedicated to Saskia Goethals

(30 years)Out on a limb (2023)

for fl,,mar.solo,pno,vl,vla,vlc (11'-12')
Commissioned by Filip Rathé
Dedicated to Spectra Ensemble for its 30th birthday

Double takes (2015)

(sop, mezzo-sop, b,t,a,s,s recorder (1player), vcl, el. keyboard (with el.pno sound and a slow synth sound), marimba) (60ʹ)

Double takes 1 Drone 1

Double takes 2 A little stone

Double takes 3 Drone 2

Double takes 4 When broken pillars

Double takes 5 Drone 3

Double takes 6 A memory

Double takes 7 Drone 4

Double takes 8 We are tempted

Double takes 9 Drone 5

Double takes 10 A story repeated

Double takes 11 Drone 6

Double takes 12 Precious time

Double takes 13 Drone 7

Double takes 14 Looking at Double takes 15 Drone 8 Double takes 16 Africa!

Double takes 17 Drone 9

Double takes 18 Bone-dry wind Double takes 19 Drone 10 Double takes 20 Arenʼt we all.

Double takes 21 Drone 11

Double takes 22 My balcony

Double takes 23 Drone 11

Double takes 24 Even the humblest Double takes 25 Drone 13 Double takes 26 Opera!

Double takes 27 Drone 14

Double takes 28 Through open front doors

Double takes 29 Faces are maps

text by Frank Nuyts, on photographs by Ronny Lauwers

Dedicated to Claire Edwardes


Rats and rabbits (2005)

(fl – cl – vl – vla – vcl – perc) (12′)

Commissioned by Johan Huys for Concertgebouw Brugge Dedicated to Fred Brouwers.

Beck’s cool (2001)  

(6 young perc)  (3’)

Published by HRDSCR Editions

Dedicated to Randall Casaer


Choice beat (2001)

(6 young perc – electronics) (12’)

Chut!’ a melodrama (2015)

(prequel to ‘Paternel)

(1 sop 2 mezzo sop actress fl vibra db (15’) Libretto by Philippe Blasband vzw Hardscore productie & Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Dedicated to Veerle Simoens & Ben Haemhouts

D&C (2011)

(an arrangement of two fragments from Daphnis et Chloé de Ravel)

(fl (also pic) and 6 harps (5’30”)

Commissioned Voorwaarts Maart 2012

Sacha (2010)

For ensemble and slides (12’30)

(Text and drawings by Charles Berberian)

(clar&s/a/t sax-s/t/b-trb-pno-perc-el.bass&keynote slides)

Commissioned by Mark Delaere & Festival Vlaanderen Vlaams-Brabant vzw. Composed for Ensemble Klang (Netherlands) Dedicated to Leah Hausman.

Cold Calypso (2007)

(fl-clar/bclar-trp-trb-perc (1or2)-pno-db) (5ʹ)

Commissioned by Filip Rathé for Spectra Ensemble

Dedicated to Filip Rathé

Revised in 2019

…where the wind goes… (2007)

(for wind ensemble and tape (ad lib) (18ʹ)

(ob clar bclar bsn hrn trp trb)

Commissioned by Francis Pollet for I Solisti

Dedicated to Geurt Grosfeld

1’28” Noise for ensemble (1’28) (

fl-cl-pno-perc-vl-vla-vcl) commissioned by Spectra and Comav

Dedicated to Lucien Posman

On CD: Fingerprints, SABAM FMC 2010/02

Fivepenny beats & The seven beats itch (1993)

fl (also picc), bcl, vln, vla, vcl, pno, drums This piece is based on material from ‘B-Side Art’

Dedicated to Boudewijn Buckinx         

Commissioned by Filip Rathé for Spectra Ensemble

Available on CD: 30 jaar Radio 3, Radio 3 label

Also on Contemporary chamber music, vox temporis label, CD 92 026

Sonivers I (1979)

(for sopr & ensemble: fl cl hrn clb mzsopr vib perc db ) (12ʹ) (text: Hugo Claus)

Tongval  (2011)

A chamber opera

(lyrics (in Dutch) by Frank Nuyts)

(sop, mez sop, clar, vib, pno, hrp, vln, db) (25′)

Dedicated to Johan Dhollander A vzw HardScore production

Paternel a chamber opera (2013)

(libretto by Philippe Blasband)

(sop, 2 mezzo, actrice, fl, 3 hrps, DB) (45′)

Commissioned by VZW HardScore Dedicated to Wim De Temmerman

Middle East a chamber opera  (2010)

(text:Philippe Blasband)

(sop, actor, fl, clar, 1perc, pno, vln, vle, vcl) (60′)

Commissioned by LOD

Dedicated to Hans Bruneel

Innocence in admiration (2008)

A concerto for piano and ensemble

(ob-bsn-hrn-perc-pno solo-vl-vla-vcl-db) (20ʹ)

Commissioned by Royal Conservatory Ghent and Emanon Ensemble

Dedicated to Daan Bauwens

Music to raise hell (1992)

(2 trp – 2 trb – 2 hrn – tub – 2 perc) (10’)

Commissioned by Wim Wabbes for Vooruit 10 jaar.

Dedicated to Bob Paulus & Odette Van Muysen

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