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These days , music has become yet again more ephemeral.
Like never before, music is currently recorded, streamed and distributed torrentially, but often leaves a scant trace, gotten lost in a digital world not really concerned about its past.

Frank Nuyts acknowledges this - accepts this - but also feels the necessity to counter somewhat this trend by writing down music on more time resisting carriers, (beautifully crafted scores), while playing it too in specifically established bands (Beat Love Oracle and Hardscore), hoping so that a coming generation might discover an artistic attitude which cleverly embraces past and future in an inviting and meaningful way.

In short: Frank Nuyts, not unlike Frank Zappa and Strawinsky in the former century, aims to be a composer who creates challenging music to play AND to play with. 



Wednesday 08-02-2023 - 8 PM

Concert met Beat Love Oracle en piano. Soliste Liang-yu Wang. 
Aalst, zaal Utopia

Friday 10-02-2023 - 8 PM

Concert met Beat Love Oracle en piano. Soliste Liang-yu Wang. Concertzaal Muziekacademie Izegem

SUNDAY 12-02-2023 - 11 AM

Concert met Beat Love Oracle en piano. Soliste Liang-yu Wang. Concertstudio Kortrijk

Monday 13-02-2023 - 8 PM

Piano recital by Liang-yu Wang in the Miry concerthal, Conservatorium Gent. Liang-yu Wang plays 2 sonatas by Frank Nuyts, sonata 13 and 19.And also some more contemporary pieces. For more information: Click here

Friday 10-03-2023 till 19-03-2023 EXPO 'De Morenen'

Van 10-19 maart 2023 in Hof Van Ryhove, Gent. EXPO Morenen. Fotografie, tekenkunst, schilderkunst, poëzie & scherven. Rein Vanvinckenroye, Eddy Becquart, Frank Nuyts, Nelis Naessens, Jana Arns. Vernissage op vrijdag 10 maart. Deuren om 19u. Start om 20u. Finissage, zondag 19 maart om 15u.

FRYDAY 26-05-2023 - 8 PM

CD/LP release 'Dangerous Liquids' by Beat Love Oracle.
De Grote Post, Oostende. 

SUNDAY 08-10-2023 - 11 AM

Daan Vandewalle and Judith Ermert. World creation of 'They could see no shadow' for piano and violoncello.
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